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CCI has the most competitive T1 pricing available. CCI's Network has several redundant T3 circuits out to the Internet which ride across multiple OC12 SONET Rings to various carriers which terminate in our facilities. In simple english we have the best local T1 service in the Baltimore/Washington Area.

How can T1 connectivity benefit your business?

It's pretty simple, really. Many businesses are finding that they cannot meet their bandwidth requirement needs with traditional Broadband DSL, Cable, and Wireless services, and there are several key issues preventing it:

Many businesses are simply too far from the local Verizon Central Office (Your local Wire Center) for DSL signaling to work properly -- the technology is highly distance dependant. In many cases, people have qualified for DSL service only to be rejected in the eleventh hour due to distance and facilities issues. Cable companies are behind the power curve to get business facilities wired and Wireless Internet connectivity is still a maturing and expensive technology.

Traditionally, there are two components to be considered when purchasing a T1 Internet Access circuit. The "Local Loop" traditionally refers to the physical T1 telephone line that runs between your facility and ours. The second component is the "Internet Port Charge" which is where we physically connect your T1 circuit to our router and move your data in and out to the Internet. Just because you have the physical T1 circuit in place doesn't mean you have Internet connectivity. It's a combination of these two components which makes it all work.

The benefit of a T1 circuit is high reliability, and you don't have to worry about mileage issues. CCI monitors your circuits 24 hours per day/7 days a week. Often, we know if there is a problem before you do, and are already proactively working to resolve the problem.

How is CCI different from all the other communications carriers? We are a local, 10 year old company which has been supporting businesses along the Baltimore/Washington corridor from the beginning. We're customer service oriented with thousands of satisfied customers around the world. We are also recognized by many as one of the most technically proficient service providers in the region.

Use of GOCCINET, LLC. services, systems, servers, and facilities constitutes the customer's agreement with the GOCCINET, LLC. Terms Of Service, which are subject to change without notice.


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