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CCI DSL is available at competitive rates. Experience the internet at lightning speed. Use DSL without tying up your phone line. With no annoying waiting, quicker downloads, and a constant connection, Who needs dial-up? CCI DSL offers several different types of plans to fit your internet needs. CCI's top of the line network will give you a constant connection to the world wide web, won't spam you with pestering pop-up ads, and will protect your e-mail from hazardous viruses. With so many benefits why choose any other ISP.

What is DSL?

DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) is an always-on Internet connection that ends in a socket on your wall, that looks much like a phone socket. At least in the US, the socket is exactly a phone socket, and, for the popular residential DSL, (ADSL), the same house wiring does indeed carry phone and data!

DSL is billed per month usually for a fixed price and for the majority of providers for unlimited usage. In other words whether you use it for email once a day, or you are a net addict and use it constantly your bill is always the same.

Once you have a DSL line you can use the entire resources of the Internet in the same way as you did from a regular modem connecting to an ISP. You can use the service 24 hours a day with no connection delay, without a 'username' and 'password', and without a busy signal or any connection/disconnection process.

The key advantage of DSL over modem is speed. DSL is from several, to dozens of times faster than a modem connection. A complex web page that could take up to a minute to finish loading can appear in just seconds over DSL.

Connection speed, reliability, and the 'always-on' nature of DSL are the main reasons it is so popular. For small businesses DSL is also a great way to save money compared to pay per minute ISDN services or expensive T1 lines.


Cable modems are sometimes faster for downloads than many DSL lines when the cable infrastructure is new or well maintained. However, cable has a few disadvantages to DSL.

The first disadvantage is that cable is a shared network -- this means that it is vulnerable to problems "within the network". Since cable is a shared media, performance may degrade over time as additional households plug in and connect additional devices (videos, game machines) to the TV lines. A cable company may react slowly to decreases in performance as they never sell access by speed or promise consistent speed or latency.

One of the largest disadvantages of cable over DSL is the upstream (return path). Cable companies are using a very narrow band for return signaling below all the space allocated for TV channels. This band is prone to congestion and is very limited in capacity and cable Terms Of Service typically do not guarantee constant upstream speeds. Internet use is shifting away from central servers broadcasting to many individuals and some interesting peer to peer applications are appearing (games, voice and video applications, communal libraries). These applications need a strong upstream channel.

DSL is the more future-proof system offering digital direct from the Internet infrastructure. Your performance in either direction will not be different from peak hour to early morning and DSL lines are available for a wide variety of purposes, both business and residential.

What is download? What is upload?

Download is the process of information coming from someplace else to you. When you browse to a web page, you are "downloading" that page. When you get a file from some place on the Internet you are downloading that file. Upload is the process of sending information from your computer onto the Internet. The most common upload for most users is the simple request to "download" a new web page.

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*Set-up fee and/or equipment fee may apply. DSL is not available in all areas, one must first pre-qualify before signing up for DSL service.

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