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Recommended Links

In order to help you keep your computer running properly CCI encourages everyone to visit the following links at least once a month.

Microsoft Windows Update: Be sure you have the latest version of Internet Explorer as well as updates of all your Microsoft Software. Microsoft releases updates, security patches, and bug fixes for its software on a regular basis.

Netscape:  Update your Netscape Browser. Although Netscape claims they are "no longer in the browser business" you should be sure you have the most current version!

Mozilla: If you are using the Mozilla/Firefox Web Browser be sure it is up to date! This is the browser we like the most.

Norton Anti-virus: Be sure you are running anti-virus software on your computer and that the virus definitions are no older than one (1) month old. Protect yourself as well as your friends and family from viruses! Also learn about virus hoaxes!

McAfee Anti-virus: If you are running McAfee for your anti-virus protection be sure you keep your virus definitions current!

Still having problems connecting to the Internet?
Feel free to call CCI's help line at 410-239-6920, toll free 1-888-889-INET, or E-mail


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